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The Most Important Things to Consider When Purchasing a New Tyre


While tyres appear to be nothing more than a black, round piece of rubber with a few grooves, there are a surprising number of factors to consider when selecting a new set of tyres. As the sole item standing between your car and the road, your tyres have a significant influence on the overall performance of your vehicle, including anything from stopping distance to handling on wet roads. We’ve put up helpful advice on the variables to consider when choosing new tyres.

Make sure you double-check the size, speed, and load rating of your tyre before using it.It’s likely that you don’t remember your tyre size, but if you want a fast quotation to compare costs, some vendors have a vehicle registration checker that is linked to the DVLA and allows us to access your car data, which includes tyre size if you enter your registration number into the checker. Simply input your car’s registration number, and you’ll be presented with a selection of tyre sizes that are appropriate for your vehicle. However, not all of these will be a perfect fit for your tyres because they may have been modified after they were purchased from the dealership in the first place. Therefore, we always recommend that clients double-check their tyre size on the sidewall of the tyre prior to finalizing any booking. Interestingly, tyres are a broad subject, and you can find information on cheap tyres.

There are several benefits to having your tyres fitted in pairs, ranging from improved balance and stability to more even wear. Some generous vendors across Australia truly believe this is so vital that they provide free mobile tyre fitting for vehicles with two or more tyres on the road. When you order your new tyres, you’ll note that if you increase the amount from one to two or more, the price for mobile installation will be removed from the shopping cart. Magic! After all, why not install tyres in pairs? Your car’s front and rear tyres are both mounted to the same axle, as are the vehicle’s front and back wheels. The situation is analogous to that of a seesaw. If one side of the vehicle has worn tyres with 4mm tread, while the other has fresh tyres with 8mm tread, the weight distribution will be out of balance, resulting in an uneven and unstable driving experience. It is possible that you will have problems when you are out and about, ranging from erratic driving at best to being uncontrolled in an emergency scenario at worst. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that the tyres on either side of the axle are identical in size and type, as well as having the same tread pattern and ratings. It’s also not a good idea to blend winter and summer tyres. So, the next time you need new tyres, consider installing them two at a time instead of one at a time, it will definitely benefit you.

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