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Duties and Responsibilities of Human Resources Department


A company finds is necessary to departmentalize some tasks and duties so that the whole organization won’t fall into chaos with only a few essential parts and roles doing the bulk of the job all the time, hence the decentralization and departmentalization of companies. Having been separated and categorized by duties and functions, each department can now focus on their own tasks and can now funnel their focus and activates towards their duties. 

One of the most essential departments in almost all company and firm is the human resources department. They are considered essential because of the role that they play for the company. Here are some of the most important duties of a human resources department.

Payroll and Benefits

One of the biggest roles of a human resources department is the management of payrolls and benefits. It goes without saying that the main motivation for employees as to why they work is because they get paid for doing their part, thus it is very important for human resources department to handle these matters as they are considered to be a neutral force in the dynamics of politics within the company itself.

If the administrative departments handle such duties, it would not be that fair as they are biased towards benefits of the company to cut costs. The human resources department should be the department to balance the needs of the employees and the costs of the company.

Faculty Development Plans

As personnel in the human resources department one of the most important things that you can do for the company and for the employees as well is to plan out a developmental growth of each department and their personnel.

Through strength and weaknesses assessments the human resources departments can now see which aspects of each department needs strengthening and propose an action for the company to address such issues.

For example if a department is highly productive but has some interpersonal issues between its personnel, the human resources department can propose that all employees partake in a managing conflict course so that each employee and their department can be strengthened in terms of conflicts and interpersonal problems.

Bridging Between Employer and Employee Dynamics

Lastly is the mediating duty of the HRD or human resources department. The interest of the company does not fully align with the interests of the employees working in it. For example, there are companies who are aiming for fast paced production while its employees aim for safer working conditions, as these two are often conflicting interests within the company, it is the job of the human resources agency to mediate between the needs of these two grounds.

They should always be the bridge as they hold in the departments the stability of the dynamics of power within a business entity. That being said, they should strive to take the perspective of both sides in order to attain smooth working conditions and efficient working organizations within the company. 

This department in most institutions are often overlooked and under appreciated because in most cases they become too busy with mundane tasks that they often fail to do some of the duties mentioned above, yet if looked closely they carry the whole organizational processes in their department. 

Loren Jenkins
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