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How Lawyers Can Help Protect Your Intellectual Property?


IP or intellectual property refers to inventions, designs, names that are used in commerce, symbols, artwork and other creations of the mind. And you will be able to ensure commercial success of your creation by protecting your intellectual property.

There are a lot of complex legalities when it comes to intellectual property and by going to a patent lawyer Melbourne you will be able to understand your circumstances. They will be able to conduct an IP audit which allows you to identify all your intellectual property and they can check whether they are protected properly.

They will go through your existing IP portfolio and review it to see if there are any potential areas of infringement. And if there are any issues, they can come up with methods to protect your intellectual property. If you have a unique invention, you need to file a patent application for it and this is a very complicated document that your lawyer can help with. By obtaining a patent, you will be able to protect your invention so that others are not able to use it or sell it without permission from you.

If you have a trademark,

A patent lawyer will be able to help you register it with the right government authority so that others will not be able to use the same branding. A trademark can be many things such as a design, set of words or symbols that help identify your product or services on the market. A copyright is something that can help provide legal protection for creative works such as music, software, books etc. And obtaining a copyright will prevent anybody else from copying your works without your permission.

They will also not be able to perform or distribute your work without you knowing. And this is also something that a patent lawyer can help you with. But if there is anybody that wants to use your invention or copyrighted work, your lawyer will be able to help you draft an IP licensing agreement. This will allow others to use your intellectual property and you can be compensated for it whether in payment or other means. This is a great way to generate revenue from your creation.

You will also be able to monitor your intellectual property for any infringement with assistance from your lawyer. And if you find that somebody else is using your work without permission, legal action can be taken to stop this. If your intellectual property is infringed upon, there are several ways a patent lawyer can help such as preparing a legal brief, carrying out research and presenting you in court.

This will help you receive fair compensation for any damages you have suffered. Many companies will benefit from the services of patent lawyers as well. If the company is considering a merger or acquisition, they will be able to make sure that their intellectual property is protected by going to a patent lawyer. They will be able to carry out due diligence to make sure there are no legal risks.

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