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Preparing Your Child for Co-Ed School


There are so many different types of schools and if you have decided to send your child to a co-ed school, there are a few things they should learn first. It is always a good idea to prepare them for what they may encounter at school so that they can adapt easily to this new environment.

Children that go to co-ed schools Brisbane tend to have more exposure to the opposite sex which can help them in getting along with each other easily. They will be more prepared to go into society and they will have mutual respect for each other. Respect is something that you need to teach your child. They should have a good idea of how to treat others kindly no matter what their sex or gender is. You need to lead by example from the time they are small. Children pick up these things very easily and seeing you be kind to others will help mould a compassionate individual. You need to promote a mindset of gender equality before they start school. You have to prepare them for what they may see or hear. Tell them about gender stereotypes and how they can challenge this. You can do this by having your child participating in activities that break gender norms and stereotypes. For example, boys can be encouraged to be creative such as playing an instrument, painting etc. and girls can be encouraged to take part in different sports.    

Your child’s social development should also be considered.

This will be further improved when they build healthy relationships with others such as peers and instructors. You can arrange playdates where your child can interact with boys and girls which will help them develop friendships from a young age. Many of these friendships will be based on shared interests. You can discuss about what makes a good friend and how they can treat their friends well. There may be books or videos they can watch which have storylines based on friendship. Children should be exposed to diversity from a young age. You can teach them to respect diversity and how it adds to the character of a person. You should also talk to them about personal boundaries and consent before they start school. Teach them how to respect others’ personal space. It is important to encourage open communication from a young age so that your child feels comfortable to discuss their concerns with you.

Communication skills are important

When making friends and you can teach your child how to express themselves clearly. Teach them how to listen actively. They should understand that different people will have different perspectives and this is not a matter of right or wrong. It is also important to teach your child about emotional intelligence. Teach them ways to identify their emotions and express them in a healthy way. There may be conflicts but you can teach them how to resolve conflicts peacefully. Emotional intelligence will go a long way towards understanding another person’s point of view and your child will learn to be more empathetic.

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