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Things to Avoid in Website Design


We live in a digital age and if you are running a business whether it is for a product or service, you need to have an online presence to boost your visibility. One of the ways of doing this is by creating a website. It will allow you to list your products or services and provide pertinent information that will help potential customers decide on making a purchase.

But the creation of a website that showcases your company values, your story and what you hope to achieve in the future can be a difficult task. So you need to select the right web design agency Brisbane to give you the best possible chance of targeting your specific customer base. A website is the public face of your company and you need to make sure that you provide a good first impression. But there are many websites that fail in this regard because of certain mistakes. These can be avoided when you select an experienced web design company that understands your requirements. One of the things that can put off a customer is a website that is too complicated. There has to be simplicity when it comes to a design. When you first click on the link to a website and you find yourself lost on what to do next, it can affect your sales negatively. Our attention spans have become reduced as a result of the instant gratification provided by the internet so if a customer can’t find what they want right away, they will simply visit a different site. So you need to practice restraint when it comes to adding images, text, videos etc. This way, there will be less confusion. Make sure that the web design is not busy or overcomplicated.

Just as a customer can be put off by a busy website design, they will not be a fan of a website that is too simple. You can find certain websites that leave a little too much to the imagination where minimalism has been explored to an extreme degree. When this happens, the customer doesn’t have a lot of information to make a decision on their purchase. While it is true that a picture speaks a thousand words, you need to have text that describes the product or service and provide valuable information such as warranty periods, returns and refunds information, shipping details etc. This is what will assure a customer of the professionalism of a company.

You need to make sure that there is a uniform theme throughout the website design so that there is no confusion about your theme. When there are different images, colour themes and fonts, it can create a lot of confusion for the customer. And this gives an impression that your brand image is not fully formed. You need to have a strong brand image and identity in order to provide that information to the customer. They should understand what you are presenting within seconds of arriving at your website and this can only be done through consistency of design.

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