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4 Signs Your Washing Machine Needs to Be Repaired Without Delay


The washing machine is a valuable appliance in your household because it allows you to wash your clothes faster and more conveniently no matter how much load you have to wash daily or weekly. Therefore, it can be very problematic when your washing machine starts malfunctioning as doing the laundry can be quite tough without it.

Read ahead to find out some indications that your washing machine has to be fixed immediately so that you can avoid further complications.

1. It is very noisy

If you hear some noise while running your laundry in the dryer, you need to first ensure your washing machine is levelled to the ground and placed in a balanced position.

Another thing you can do during such an instance is to rearrange the clothes you just placed in the dryer so that they are spread out well inside. Please note that you can try this only with a top-load washing machine mid-cycle and not with a front-load one.

When both of these do not work, it is when you know you need to do some fixing to your washing machine. The cause for a noisy washing machine is either a loose drum or motor mount which can even be fixed on your own.

2. Water does not fill up in the drum

The drum is a vital part of your washing machine and you will not be to run your laundry without it functioning well. On the other hand, without water, you cannot proceed with washing clothes.

Sometimes, the problem with your washing machine is the drum does not get filled with water in the first cycle. The reasons for this can be due to a twisted hose or the tap is not turned on completely. Furthermore, it can be a severe issue such as a water intake valve that is clogged which requires professional washing machine repairs to resolve.

2. Water does not leave the drum

Apart from a drum that does not get filled with water, contrastingly you may face the issue of water not draining away from the drum after the first cycle.

First and foremost, check if there is too much laundry and clear off some of them if they are placed in a manner that blocks the pump.

If that is not the cause for this problem, then it could be a serious issue with the water pump or a clogged drain hose that needs to be fixed with the help of a pro.

3. The drum is not spinning

Another serious problem with a faulty washing machine could be when the drum stops spinning. This is typically caused when there is an issue with the belts or lid switch.

You will be able to fix the belt on your own, but if the lid switch is the problem, it is best to let the repairer do the job of fixing it.

4. Electrical issues

To get your washing machine to function you also need an electricity supply other than the water supply that is required to wash and clean your laundry. Hence, always make sure the plug is fixed right and is not hindered even if there is a small jerk in the washing machine.

If you do not find that causing electrical problems, then it is due to faulty wiring or a bad panel. Unless you are an electrician, do not attempt to resolve such issues yourself and get the assistance of an electrician for this purpose.

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