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How to Choose a Male Stripper


There is a huge demand for male strippers and they are great for many events such as hen parties and birthday parties. It’s a way of uplifting an event and making it a memorable experience for everyone.

There are male stripping agencies and strip clubs such as You will simply be able to go to the website and check the strippers that are available. There will be photos as well as information like body measurements, their hair colour, ethnicity and their specialities whether they can sing, dance, etc. When planning as a group, go through the list of strippers that are provided by the agency and narrow it down to a couple of choices so that everyone can take a vote. All the strippers will be in great physical shape. If you are looking for a stripper for a hen party, you can check for a stripper that the bridge to be will be attracted to as well. You will know whether she likes tall, short, fair, dark men and this will help you narrow down the selection.

The way the stripper dresses is also important because it is the first impression that your group gets. Check if they do costumes and if they do, you can ask whether they can accommodate your requests. Many strippers have a specialisation when it comes to costumes so if you want something that is not so well known, you may have to discuss it with the stripper. Or you can ask whether he will be open to wearing certain accessories provided by you to complete the look. Strippers have a lot of talents and dancing is one of them. They should be able to dance well. If you have visited a strip club prior to the planning, you may be able to book a stripper that you have seen in action. This way, you will know he is a good dancer. Check what kind of music they are going to bring and whether they will take requests from the group.

A stripper should be able to entertain and entrance the audience. They should have great interpersonal skills and experience in reading people. You can ask your friends whether they have organised a similar event with a stripper and how they have gone about it. If you don’t have time to visit the strip club, you can try to find some videos on the net that will give an idea of the specialities of the strippers. A stripper should have a good personality regardless of what they look like and this is more relevant to male strippers because they focus on performances and interaction with the audience more. The location has to be confirmed with the stripper beforehand or if the location is quite far, they should be compensated for the transportation. You also need to ask what other talents they can bring to the table so you can boost the entertainment of the event. If you need to have lap dances, you need to confirm this beforehand and understand all the costs involved.

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