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It’s accountability of every parent to take good care of their kids


Even though most of us are fit mentally and physically, there are people with problems with different systems. It’s essential that we take care of people with special needs extra carefully. There can be different types of pathologies in different types of people. Most of these problems occur due to problems with their DNA. DNA is the genetic material that’s available in every one of us. This is passed to us by our parents and ancestors. These undergo division during reproduction and can undergo some changes during this process. DNA is responsible for coding different types of proteins in our body.

Proteins are responsible for performing a large amount of activities in our body. Most of the enzymes and hormones are made of proteins. If the cells don’t produce the exact protein needed to perform the function, the functions can get disturbed or stopped. When the cells don’t function normally it can cause defective organs and systems. This can be a great problem during pregnancy. This can cause formation of anomalies in the fetus. There can also be different types of infections which can cause defects in organs of the fetus. If there were defects in major organs like heart and brain, if they were detected by the doctor before birth abortion will be recommend. This rule can differ from country to country. It’s important that pregnant mothers take good care of themselves and the baby. It can be genetic factors, genetic factors cannot be prevented.

There can be defects in other systems like musculoskeletal system and sensory systems as well. These defects can only be noticed when the child grows up. This can be a very unfortunate condition for some parents. The developmental milestones of children are based on the sensory system and musculoskeletal system so only when baby reaches these milestones we can identify if there is a defect. Parents who detect delays in developmental milestones of their children should immediately consult a doctor. It’s is not very easy to take care of a kid with special needs. Parents have to spend ample of money and time for these kids. It can sometimes be difficult for parents to take care of such kids. Such parents can get support from ndis co ordination. They will help you in taking care of your child with special needs.

Sometimes parents will have different problems in life and it will be hard to take care of such kids. But most of the parents do everything they can to make their kids life better. There can be problems which can be corrected by medical treatments, but most of such problems can’t be corrected. It’s essential that parents be strong in such situations. No one can be responsible for such an unfortunate situation, it’s just nature. It’s essential that parents of such kids get the needed support from the other members of the family as well. It can be hard for them to overcome this situation by themselves.

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