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Tips for Cleaning Curtains


Curtains often get overlooked when it comes to cleaning. It can be a frustrating task as you will have to remove the curtains from the curtain rods and install them again after cleaning them. Also, curtains can be made of different fabrics and you need to be aware of what the material can handle when it comes to choosing a cleaning method.

Curtains are used for aesthetics as well as to keep the most of direct sunlight out of the home. It can also provide privacy. But it is very easy for curtains to collect dust and allergens. Especially in light coloured curtains, you will have to deal with stains on the curtains as well if you have children or pets in the home. Because curtain cleaning can be time consuming and takes a lot of effort, you can hire a professional service to attend to it. They will understand how to clean the curtain to ensure that no damage comes to it from the cleaning method or cleaning materials. The first thing you need to do when cleaning a curtain is to understand the nature of the fabric. There may be care instructions that the curtains come with. Some can be machine washed while others will require dry cleaning. In the case of machine wash, you can use mild detergent on the curtains and use a cold cycle.

If you are not sure whether the machine wash cycle is delicate enough for the fabric, you can hand wash them. This is recommended if there are certain details on the curtain that can get damaged during the machine wash. You will need to make sure that all hooks and trims are removed before they are washed. Double check the curtains to make sure that all required items have been removed. If by some accident a hook is left in during the washing process, there can be risk of a tear.  If you are not sure whether the colour of the fabric can get affected, you can check by washing a small area on the back of the fabric to get an idea. When you are washing by hand, you can use a bathtub so that a larger space can be utilised and manoeuvring the fabric can be easy.

If there are any stains on the fabric, avoid using bleach as this can affect the colour of the fabric. Soaking the curtains for a long time is not recommended. When drying, you should not put a lot of force to wring the water out. Try to let them air dry outdoors. You can use some heavy-duty clothes hooks to hand them in the shade. Direct sunlight might cause the colours to fade. It is not recommended to put the curtains in the dryer as there can be creases and marks. After the curtains are dry, you can iron out the pleats if the fabric allows for it. Otherwise, you can directly hang them back on the curtain rod. During weekly house cleaning, you can remove dust on the curtains by using a vacuum cleaner attachment.

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