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Why Wear Leather?


When you think of leather apparel, there are some very easy connections to be made, the terminator, motorcycle gangs, etc. Leather has always had a bit of edgy vibe and as such you may be a little hesitant to don your first leather jacket. But we’re here to tell you that this hesitation is completely misplaced. Simply read on to discover some of the benefits of wearing leather that you probably didn’t know about.

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So, what are some of the benefits of wearing leather? Its breathable. Leather sometimes gets a bad reputation for being too hot to wear in the summer months. Well, this isn’t true depending on the type of leather you’re wearing. High quality leather is in fact extremely breathable. Air will pass through it easily and will insulate you keeping you warm if it’s cold outside, or cool if it’s warm outside. Leather is one of the best materials to regulate your body temperature.

Another benefit of leather apparel is that they are extremely durable. Leather is made of treated animal hide. Meaning that it is not only very strong, but it stands up very well to the elements. Your leather pants and jacket will never become waterlogged, and you will never have to feel cold in them either. Of course, the leather doesn’t come like that straight from the factory. Most of the time you will need to get it waxed and treated so that it is water-resistant, however, once the treatment is done, not even a hurricane force wind pelting water will be able to get it wet. The water simply beads up and rolls off. Leather is also great as footwear, because it is a very sturdy, and waterproof material.

Leather is also great if you want to have a sharper silhouette. Lather apparel typically contours according to the body and provides a sharp outline, as opposed to other materials like cotton, or denim. This benefit applies to footwear as well. Leather shoes will conform to the shape of your feet, and you will notice when wearing leather shoes that they may be uncomfortable at first, but after a few sessions of wearing them, they become a lot more comfortable in general. This is great because that means you can wear them for a longer time, and you will find them more comfortable.

In addition to this, leather is extremely easy to clean. In most instances, all that is required is a dry cloth and a good strong pat down. When it comes to shoes all you need is a bit of shoe polish and some elbow grease. Leather is a very breathable product, so you won’t have any difficulty in drying it out after you’ve rubbed it down with a wet cloth.

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